A combination of angles and steps in our homes works so perfectly that you’ll hardly notice the change in levels.


Designing a sloping site suitable home means achieving a unique, practical and modern design which enhances the site’s natural fall. Keys facts in considering which design is right for you.

  • Stepped designs are most effective when the site fall is between 4 degrees and 6 degrees
  • Always maximise natural light and ventilation into your homes’ key areas by using steps and higher ceilings
  • Lower your excavation costs by avoiding excessive earthworks and always minimise unsightly retaining walls.
  • Ensure the design has accommodated a driveway incline which is both practical & useable
  • Capitalise on great views by using the land’s natural contours and naturally defining living spaces.

Bentley Homes Sloping Site Builders

Building your dream home in the perfect location is not always as easy as it should be. The perfect location can mean building on challenging sites such as sloping sites, which require a higher level of design consideration to ensure you build a suitable home for your site.

When selecting your home design, not only must it suit your lifestyle and budget, it must also suit the slope of the land, solar orientation, flood or vegetation overlays, prevailing winds and site access. By working with the unique slope and designing a home that works with the slope, you can reduce the high levels of excavation and retaining walls required to build your dream home.

Bentley Homes has extensive experience in building homes challenging sites. Our management team combines domestic, commercial and civil construction experience with our articulate design sense and professionalism ensuring you can count on us to be your trusted and preferred sloping site builder.

Benefits of a sloping site

To enhance the layout of your new home on a slope, building with the slope is generally the ideal solution and a more effective method of tackling the challenges associated with all forms of sloping sites. Building with the slope means your home is designed for the fall of the land, allowing for better use of all living spaces.

There are many lifestyle benefits to building the right home on a sloping site. Do you want:

  • Great views?
  • Fantastic natural light?
  • Greater choice of affordable land in a better location?
  • To maximise the value of your home on any type of land?
  • A unique family home that reflects character and suits your lifestyle?

By working with the unique slope and designing a home that works with the slope, you can ensure you take advantage of the endless benefits that a sloping site has to offer.

Things to consider when building on a sloping site

To ensure efficiency in your home design within your given budget, the following key items need to be considered when designing a home to suit a sloping site:

  • The angle and consistency of the slope;
  • Where the slope starts and ends in relation to the location of the home on the land;
  • The views or other aspects you want to take advantage of;
  • The block’s position in relation to the sun to maximise the cool in summer and heat in winter;
  • Maximising natural light into the home’s key areas;
  • Meeting the regulated height restrictions;
  • Drainage for water flow during heavy downpours and/or floods; and
  • Privacy for yourself and your neighbour.

Designing a home to suit the type of slope ensures you benefit from the practical and appealing qualities of the home, allowing for unique and modern designs with lowered excavation costs, practicable driveways, abundant light, natural ventilation and wonderful views.


The photo below is a panoramic view taken from Bentley Homes ‘Kyalami 370’ client home built on a sloping site in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs.