Knock Down Rebuild Homes from North to South East Melbourne

Do you love your location but not property? When your neighbourhood is perfect but your home leaves a lot to be desired, it might be time to consider a knock down rebuild. Bentley Homes rebuild homes in the northern, western eastern and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne that are designed and built to your needs and budget.

Not only will you get complete control over the look and feel of your property and won’t have to make compromises with the existing design, you’ll also be able to potentially save big. This is a great option for many homeowners and offers a range of benefits including money and time savings, allowing you the chance to spend less time in an active construction site and more time in a beautiful home that’s truly your own.

A Fresh Start with Our Knockdown Rebuild Builders

Often a homeowner will consider a renovation before resorting to a new home. Surprisingly, there are many instances where a renovation is actually less cost effective than a demolition and construction. The chances of uncovering nasty surprises when you rip up floorboards or knock down walls can turn a simple reno into a homeowners nightmare, and before you know it you are faced with costs way higher than you initially planned. A renovation also requires working within the limitations of your current structure with little room to move or compromise. A new home however gives you budget friendly affordable options and the freedom to choose your dream home with ease.

As the knockdown rebuild specialists throughout Melbourne, there’s no area too far for our builders. We’ve worked within the northern, eastern and western suburbs, as well as south-east Melbourne from Bentleigh to Glen Iris and Clyde North.

Talk to Our Knock Down Rebuild Specialists

If you want to avoid the hassle and stress that comes with finding a new location and moving, create a brand new home in the neighbourhood you know and love. If you would like more information on how we knock down and rebuild homes in the northern, western and eastern suburbs or south east Melbourne, please get in touch with the Bentley Homes team today. Call us on 03 9407 5000 to speak directly to our friendly, knowledgeable staff, or send us your questions via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.