Customer Journey

Essential Steps for Standard Homes on Titled Land

Step 1: Initial sales consultation

Bentley Homes: Initial meeting with the Sales Consultant to complete walk through of home/s, prepare provisional quotation and preliminary siting. Sales consultant to introduce client to Bentley Homes finance provider to do Finance Qualification.

Client: Pay initial non-refundable deposit to lock in price.

Step 2: Sales Acceptance

Bentley Homes: Sales Consultant to book meeting with client to finalise and complete all sales paperwork. File submitted to Head Office within 14 days for acceptance of deposit and documentation. Soil test, ;and survey and property information is now ordered.
Client: Finalise items of provisional quotation and pay addition deposit. Also to provide full copy of Land Contract and Finance Pre-Approval letter from Lender.

Note: All deposits paid are not refundable

Step 3: Pre Tender Stage

Bentley Homes: Customer Service Administrator to contact client and book in Colour Appointment (Allow 4hours)).

Client: Attend appointments as scheduled. Be prepared with theme colours in mind for both internal and external colour selection of the home.

Note: Colour appointments are conducted Tuesday to Friday between the hours of 9:30am to 4:00pm.

Step 4: Tender Stage

Bentley Homes: Building Tender, colour schedule and compliant siting provided to client for review. Contract drawings are ordered.

Client: Review Building Tender, Colour Schedule and Compliant Siting which includes all inclusion to date. Acceptance of Building Tender requires further non refundable deposit to be paid.

Note: No further changes will be permitted once contract drawing have been ordered.

Step 5: Contract Stage

Bentley Homes: Customer Service Administrator to book in contract signing appointment and make available Contracts for review prior to meeting scheduled. Also to provide deposit invoice.

Client: Attend appointment booked and sign Building Contracts. Pay balance of deposit once signed, provide proof of Land Ownership and Finance Approval letter from Lender. Issue Lender with Building Contract for Formal Approval processing.

Step 6: Building Permit Application

Bentley Homes: Customer Service Administrator to apply for Developers Approval, Building Permit, Engineering, Home Owners Warranty Insurance, and all other regulatory requirements needed.

Client: Whilst your Customer Service Administrator is awaiting issue of your building permit, keep in regular contact with your Financial Institution to ensure your loan is progressing well. Final Finance Approval can take some time to obtain and may cause a delay to the commencement of construction to your home.

Step 7: Final Paperwork and Site Start

Bentley Homes: Customer Service Administrator to issue Final Drawings and appoint Construction File to Supervisor. Ready to site start.

Client: Provide Formal Finance Approval and a copy of the signed Mortgage Documents, including proof of funds available for drawdown. Once done, we’re ready to site start.

Step 8: Construction

Progress claim stage:
Bentley Homes: Issue invoices as per HIA Building Contract Payment Schedule.

Client: Forward invoices to your Lending Institution and ensure payment is made within allocated timeframe.

Completion Stage:
Bentley Homes: Issue Certificate of Occupancy and invoice as per HIA Building Contract Payment Schedule.

Client: Forward invoice and Certificate of Occupancy to your Lending Institution and confirm Settlement procedure with your Customer Service Administrator.

Step 9: Maintenance and Warranty

90 Day Maintenance:
Bentley Homes: Customer Service Administrator to issue 90 Day Maintenance Form for completion and return to Head Office. Maintenance Supervisor to go through owners Maintenance List and book appointment.

Client: Prepare Maintenance List and book inspection appointment with Maintenance Supervisor.

Key Team Members along your journey

Sales Consultant

Your Sales Consultant will showcase a selection of homes from our Classic and Designer Collection that best suit your lifestyle. They will take you through your desired plan, advise on the inclusions and colour schemes and they will give you an initial quotation indicating the likely costs. When you are ready, you pay an initial deposit to your Sales Consultant and your journey begins

Mortgage Broker

We can refer you to Mortgage Consultants, who have years of experience in financial services within the construction industry. They understand the different loan products available and will help you find the best loan to suit your needs, saving you time in shopping around.


Customer Service Administrator (CSA)

Your Customer Service Administrator will guide you every step of the way. They will prepare and explain your documentation including your new home contract and obtain all necessary permits and approvals on your behalf.They will also explain the building process without using building jargon.


Site Supervisor (SS)

Your Site Supervisor is responsible for building your home. You are welcome to meet with your Site Supervisor to inspect your home during its construction. Once your home is complete your Site Supervisor will present your new home to you. Throughout construction, you will also have the assistance of your Customer Service Administrator who supports the Site Supervisor and undertakes the administration required during construction. This includes administration of stage claims and occupancy permit.